Wow!  It never gets old – the ridge ride from Duck Lake to the Hazard Lakes is always fun.  We did it again last Saturday (4-5-14) with Chris & Lois, Greg E & Donna, the Swann gang (Steve, Aubree, Tanner, Brandon, & friend Jeremy), Dennis, Collin, Collin’s friend Blake and me.  Collin took us up a new way just further down the Fisher Cr. Saddle road about a 1/2 mile.  It is a much easier way.  This trip is fun because we always seem to go a little different way (there’s no “trail”) and it is all boondocking.  We went on up to Clayburn because several people had never been there.  It was just a fun day all the way around.  Once we got tired enough, we headed down the trail back to High Elevation.  Again, if you haven’t done this before, ya gotta try it sometime!

Happy Sledding!

Another great Hazard Ridge Ride   Another great Hazard Ridge Ride   Another great Hazard Ridge Ride   

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