This season’s low snow fall has certainly been a disappointment, but I’m thankful I got to do some riding instead of none.  Last Friday, I may have very well have taken my last ride of the shortened season, but it is certainly one of my favorites, and with very good friends too.  We took the Fisher Cr to Duck Lake to Hazard Lakes ride on this fine day.  Not as sunny as we’d like but we were still able to see well enough to smile.  Riders included Chris Schwarzhoff, Ray Parsons, Carl Beavers, Randy Yates and his nephew Kevin, Jay Henderson and my best friend Collin Clovis.  Also with us, in spirit, was a good friend of everyone’s – Kelly Topliff, who the folks who knew him best, said “good-bye” up on top of the peak above Twin Lakes.  Later we met up with friends, Ron & Tina Platt and Dave & Tonya Bunker who instinctively knew to find us at Hazard Lake campground.

This was a great ride this day even if we only had a couple of inches of fresh snow.  We were lucky to be riding and getting to spend a day with friends – yep, that’s one of my favorites!


My favorite Ride - Feb 27, 2015   My favorite Ride - Feb 27, 2015   

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