Saturday was pretty foggy and the snow was kind of tracked up and a bit hard, but we were still on sleds and it was better than doing chores at home! Collin visited his sled from Id Falls and he went sledding Friday & Saturday. I got to go too on Saturday. We met Jay Henderson and his nephew Bennie as well as Collin’s new friends, the Shay family, up at High Elevation lot. We took off for Fisher Cr Saddle. The trail was skillfully groomed and we made our way through the fog to get to the play areas near the saddle. The Shay boys are pretty good riders and they kept Collin, Jay and Bennie busy as they climb the hills going up from the trail. The snow was pretty good if you could find the places that weren’t tracked up and they “kids” spent much of their time sidehilling and climbing to the top. Here are a few pics. One is of a giant boulder covered with snow that the boys decided would be fun to climb – scared me to death! I stayed near the saddle and played in the trees. My old eyes couldn’t see well in the foggy low light, but it was still a fun day to be out and really good cuz I got to spend time with my best friend and son. Happy Sledding!

Fisher Cr Saddle - Jan 24th 2015   Fisher Cr Saddle - Jan 24th 2015   Fisher Cr Saddle - Jan 24th 2015   

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