Wow! This was one of the best rides of the year and it always is – above Brundage from Duck Lake to the Hazard Lakes via the ridges.  Chris, Lois, Ray, Greg E, Donna, Collin & his friend Blake and I started from Upper Elevation lot and took this incredible ride.  I never get tired of the views and it was a gorgeous blue sky day with really good company.  It is always a rush to drop down into the various lakes from the ridge tops. It used to really scare the “#@*&” out of me, but I’m getting a bit more used to it.  We had some fresh snow which gave us the impression we were riding on lots of fresh powder.  Here are a few pics from the day.  Look for a few more in the Gallery.  If you’ve never done this Hazard ride – you have to do it sometime!

Hazard Lake Ride 3-15-2014   Hazard Lake Ride 3-15-2014   Hazard Lake Ride 3-15-2014   

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