The Wounded Vet ride to Burgdorf was well attended with a large percentage of the “coaches” from the DSC.  The McCall Snowmobile Club did a great job of hosting the ride & supplying the lunch.  VC search & rescue was well represented as well as the Idaho County Sheriff’s office.  I didn’t take any photos, but there was a lot of the press there as well so some pics should be showing up someplace.  I think the vets had a great time: I know we did!  {Editor’s note:  added a pic of the DSC members}

Wounded Vet Ride   Wounded Vet Ride   Wounded Vet Ride   

One thought on “Wounded Vet Ride

  1. I agree with Chris – the ride seemed like a huge success! There must have been close to 100 sleds up there – mostly volunteers of one sort or another. Collin and I rode with 3 Vets and they were fun guys. We did get some pictures which I’ve posted to our Photo Gallery and we have some more on the way. Thanks to the VA, McCall Club, ISSA, the Burgdorf Resort and the so many volunteers from many organizations who helped everyone throughout the day. But mostly, “thanks” to those Vets – What an honor to go up and ride with those Vets who gave so much for our freedom!

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