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  • My favorite Ride – Feb 27, 2015

    This season’s low snow fall has certainly been a disappointment, but I’m thankful I got to do some riding instead of none.  Last Friday, I may have very well have taken my last ride of the shortened season, but it is certainly one of my favorites, and with very good friends too.  We took the Fisher Cr to Duck Lake to Hazard Lakes ride on this fine day.  Not as sunny as we’d like but we were still able to see well enough to smile.  Riders included Chris Schwarzhoff, Ray Parsons, Carl Beavers, Randy Yates and his nephew Kevin, Jay Henderson and my best friend Collin Clovis.  Also with us, in spirit, was a good friend of everyone’s – Kelly Topliff, who the folks who knew him best, said “good-bye” up on top of the peak above Twin Lakes.  Later we met up with friends, Ron & Tina Platt and Dave & Tonya Bunker who instinctively knew to find us at Hazard Lake campground.

    This was a great ride this day even if we only had a couple of inches of fresh snow.  We were lucky to be riding and getting to spend a day with friends – yep, that’s one of my favorites!


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  • Club Ride Jan 31, 2015

    We had a great ride out to Cold Springs in Blue Bird weather.  Starting out we had 15 riders, but some split off to play in the steep & deep.  As always the food was great at the crock luck after the ride.

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  • Ride to Sawmill Point

    On Saturday Lois, Ray & I rode out to Sawmill Point to check on our truck & trailer.

    The trail from FW to Warren was fast & in great shape.  From Warren to Sawmill Point it was what you might expect: a little rutted & hard, but no problem with down trees as they had been cut out (probably the folks from the South Fork coming & going).  There was about 4-5 feet of snow at Warren Summit & almost bare at Sawmill Point. (see photos)

    The big news for us was that the Secesh Stage Stop is open for food & rooms.  It has been open since October.  For more information on services & times open please go to http:\

    Chris Schwarzhoff

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  • Fisher Cr Saddle – Jan 24th 2015

    Saturday was pretty foggy and the snow was kind of tracked up and a bit hard, but we were still on sleds and it was better than doing chores at home! Collin visited his sled from Id Falls and he went sledding Friday & Saturday. I got to go too on Saturday. We met Jay Henderson and his nephew Bennie as well as Collin’s new friends, the Shay family, up at High Elevation lot. We took off for Fisher Cr Saddle. The trail was skillfully groomed and we made our way through the fog to get to the play areas near the saddle. The Shay boys are pretty good riders and they kept Collin, Jay and Bennie busy as they climb the hills going up from the trail. The snow was pretty good if you could find the places that weren’t tracked up and they “kids” spent much of their time sidehilling and climbing to the top. Here are a few pics. One is of a giant boulder covered with snow that the boys decided would be fun to climb – scared me to death! I stayed near the saddle and played in the trees. My old eyes couldn’t see well in the foggy low light, but it was still a fun day to be out and really good cuz I got to spend time with my best friend and son. Happy Sledding!

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  • Fisher Cr Saddle Ride 4-13-14

    This ride started out pretty good & from what I hear – finished well!  In the middle, Dennis lost a battle with a big burnt tree (see previous Rider’s Blog).  My day ended with Dennis as I needed to follow him out to the parking lot.  Collin, Ron Platt and Robert Breshears continued the ride by leaving Fisher Cr and taking once again, the tried and true ride from Duck Lake to Hazards to Clayburn.  Today, Collin rode the new 2015 Polaris 800 Pro Terrain Dominator 155 courtesy of Reggie at High Mark in Boise.  Collin’s 2008 800 has been retired and if anyone is interested, it is for sale at High Mark.  It has 5400 gentle, Sunday driver miles on it.  I think our season is pretty much over.  Grooming is finished in Valley County and the lower trails are down to the dirt.  There is lots of snow higher up for those die-hard sledders.  It was a good season, and I know at least one guy who is looking forward to next year!  Take care!

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  • 2014 CEO Award goes to…

    Hi Club, I haven’t seen any submissions this season for CEO (chief entertainment officer).  This is the first candidate, and by definition, it’s not actually qualified because of some sled damage.  Dennis was riding Sunday (4/13) and got bucked off his sled and it quietly rolled down the hill about 40 yards and kissed this burnt tree. Unfortunately, it did some damage to the sled but Dennis did not get hurt. I followed Dennis back to the parking lot at about 15 mph for 13 miles.  We were just below Fisher Cr Saddle above Brundage Reservoir.  Dennis~good luck with the sled!

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  • Another great Hazard Ridge Ride

    Wow!  It never gets old – the ridge ride from Duck Lake to the Hazard Lakes is always fun.  We did it again last Saturday (4-5-14) with Chris & Lois, Greg E & Donna, the Swann gang (Steve, Aubree, Tanner, Brandon, & friend Jeremy), Dennis, Collin, Collin’s friend Blake and me.  Collin took us up a new way just further down the Fisher Cr. Saddle road about a 1/2 mile.  It is a much easier way.  This trip is fun because we always seem to go a little different way (there’s no “trail”) and it is all boondocking.  We went on up to Clayburn because several people had never been there.  It was just a fun day all the way around.  Once we got tired enough, we headed down the trail back to High Elevation.  Again, if you haven’t done this before, ya gotta try it sometime!

    Happy Sledding!

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  • Hazard Lake Ride 3-15-2014

    Wow! This was one of the best rides of the year and it always is – above Brundage from Duck Lake to the Hazard Lakes via the ridges.  Chris, Lois, Ray, Greg E, Donna, Collin & his friend Blake and I started from Upper Elevation lot and took this incredible ride.  I never get tired of the views and it was a gorgeous blue sky day with really good company.  It is always a rush to drop down into the various lakes from the ridge tops. It used to really scare the “#@*&” out of me, but I’m getting a bit more used to it.  We had some fresh snow which gave us the impression we were riding on lots of fresh powder.  Here are a few pics from the day.  Look for a few more in the Gallery.  If you’ve never done this Hazard ride – you have to do it sometime!

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  • Wounded Vet Ride

    The Wounded Vet ride to Burgdorf was well attended with a large percentage of the “coaches” from the DSC.  The McCall Snowmobile Club did a great job of hosting the ride & supplying the lunch.  VC search & rescue was well represented as well as the Idaho County Sheriff’s office.  I didn’t take any photos, but there was a lot of the press there as well so some pics should be showing up someplace.  I think the vets had a great time: I know we did!  {Editor’s note:  added a pic of the DSC members}

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  • DSC Riding Clinic

    13 riders attended an informative and successful Riding Clinic on Mar. 1 & 2.  A big “thanks” to Loyal Gibbons from Moto Tech for his time, patience and thoughtful teachings and also thanks to Dave Bunker who hosted the clinic for the Club.  I think everyone took away at least one thing during the clinic – I know I did.  We learned about throttle control, weight distribution, handlebar height, wrong foot forward, ski lifts, and more.  Dennis suggested holding an annual Riding Skills day to fine tune our skills and learn new ones.  Thanks to all who attended even though it was warm and wet weather.

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